Jeffrey Starr

Photography & Social Media Video


My YouTube channel is about motivating viewers to be creative. 

My videos are generally focused on Music and broken into two formats:

  1. Videos where I share knowledge on a topic I am well versed in.
  2. Videos where I actively create, practice and experiment.  I show my success and failures while teaching that I have learned.

I am currently partnering with brands I admire to connect them with my viewers.

Stats about my viewers & my channel:

  1. Total view count has now surpassed 700,000.
  2. On track to reach the 5000 subscriber milestone in 2019.
  3. 98% Male viewership.
  4. 72% of viewers are between the age of 18-44.
  5. My six most watched videos have an average view duration of 7 minutes.
  6. 64% of my Youtube Traffic comes from the following 4 countries:
    • United States
    • United Kingdom
    • India
    • Canada
  7. Viewers love to leave comments and interact.  A large percentage of my content is inspired by the topics views ask me to teach.
  8. Viewers are willing to spend money. They have purchased my Etsy products and they donate to my Patreon account.

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