My name is Jeff Starr and my whole life is about finding ways to create artwork in every spare second.

You may already know me from my YouTube channel where I share my animated films and I post quirky videos about music (guitar demos and sitar lessons). But I do a lot moreā€¦

I also draw, paint and I take thousands of photographs each year.

Here you can navigate all of my projects.

Thank you for checking out my art.

Awards & Screenings

The Last Irish Scam

1st Place Screenplay (Drama-Crime)
Indie Gathering Film Festival
Hudson, Ohio 2012

This is a Ball

Official Selection

  • Blue Plum Animation Festival 2016
  • Saint Cloud Film Festival 2016
  • Utah Arts Festival 2016

“Great work with an excellent message.” – Bobby Beck, former Pixar Animator and founder AnimationMentor.com

Afraid to jump and bounce, a Ball must overcome the mocking of Squares and Triangles.

Also, visit http://thisisaball.com/ for interviews and behind the scenes information.